Nu rib sheeting

Low Rib is our versatile rib panel that is excellent in most applications. Why choose Low Rib. Available in multiple finishes to fit every application, the smaller 6" ribs on this panel option have a less industrial look and are more popular for residential buildings.

Oct 27, 2011 · Good afternoon Kelvin, That will work, I got a question for you; I don't use ribs, emobosses or louvers a lot, did you try it in 2012?? I think I got issues on this end, (no it has nothing to do with the video card), when I drag the forming tool on the sheet metal surface a pop up comes up and asks if I want to make a derived part, what's up with that!! Panels lengths can be custom cut from 4 feet to 40 feet in ½ inch increments, for no additional charge. Panel lengths under 4 feet add $1.50 per panel cut charge. Custom cutting panels saves time and money, greatly reducing job-site cutting and waste.

Nu-Wave Corrugated is an economical, structural through- fastened roof or wall panel suitable for general usage. Panel is ideal for roof, vertical or horizontal wall applications, soffit or interior accent panels. Properties Standard Finishes Gauge Base Steel Thickness (in) Yield (ksi) Tensile (ksi) Wt. Nu-Wave is a through fastener panel system available in 26 or 24 gauge steel with a 32″ net roof coverage and 34-2/3″ net wall coverage and is 7/8″ deep. The paint finish for 26 gauge is DuraTech™XL and 24 gauge is DuraTech 5000™.

The profile shall have five trapezoidal ribs at 190.5mm centres, providing a nett cover of 762mm with one stiffener rib in each pan. The rib height shall be 28.6mm. We do not recommend Nu-Rib be rolled without a stiffener rib in the pan due to the possibility of oil canning.