The winner of the first cat show in North America, at Madison Square Garden in 1895, was a Maine Coon cat

It makes sense that the state cat of Maine is the Maine Coon, but what makes these cats so popular? FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $50 IN THE DOWN EAST SHOP! About the Maine Coon Cat BreedMaine Coon mother cats are great mothersOur kittens are placed in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina and also in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Minnesota

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Sometimes called Maine Shag, or American Coon, the Maine Coon is the largest breed of domestic catBuy and sell in a snapI have 2 Maine Coon cat brothers and they tried the dry Maine Coon food and loved itWelcome to Maine Characters, and thank you for visiting! We are an up and coming Maine Coon cattery located on the Western Slope of Colorado, between Denver and Salt Lake City

Originally she was an outdoor cat, and later became a working breed who kept barns and homes clear of rodents

Sep 19, 2019 · While most adult cats weigh about 7 pounds (3We would like to welcome you to our small Maine Coon Cattery located in the windy city of Chicago, Ray du Soleil (translates to: Ray of the Sun)

As such, the Maine Coon cat may be related to the Norwegian Forest Cat

It covers subjects like grooming, diet, health care, kitten names, and much moreThese Queens represent the quality and pedigree that we strive for at our Cattery

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All Kittens and Retirees are sold as pets only with no breeding rightsLoveable and friendly, Maine coons are an extremely popular breed of cat, and at Waggs Coons, we’re head over heels for them – we love this furry breed! Located in Akron, Ohio, Waggs Coons is a small cattery that specializes in breeding beautiful Maine coons

I usually have a waiting list for kittens

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Only catteries can buy kittens with the right to breed

If you would like to makeOur goal is to raise cats that are healthy, excellent in type, and true human companionsThey enjoy being playful and interacting with the whole family but they also enjoy showing affection and cuddling up with the ones they love

She took our £100 deposit for one Maine Coon kitten called Barney Bear and also invited us to "make an offer" for a second kitten she hadWe specialize in gorgeous Maine Coon kittens from exquisite, health tested parents and provide a contract and health guarantee as well as CFA registration papers

Maine Coon cats are moderately activeThe official state cat of Maine is -- you guessed it -- the Maine Coon12 kilograms), Maine Coon male cats tip the scales at up to 25 pounds (11

I wanted to give them the wet version as well and see how they liked it