Cat answer sheet of 2008

The Cat That Walked By Himself Written in the style of a folktale, this Kipling classic explains the origins of the domestic cat. This fun and cleverly written tale was borrowed from Kipling’s Just So Stories.

Solved Common Admission Test – CAT 2008 18 Answer: 1 A 31 C 61 D 2 D 32 C 62 E 3 A 33 C 63 C 4 E 34 B 64 B 5 C 35 E 65 B 6 D 36 E 66 A 7 D 37 B 67 B 8 B 38 D 68 D 9 A 39 E 69 B 10 C 40 D 70 E 11 A 41 B 71 B 12 D 42 E 72 D 13 A 43 E 73 C 14 E 44 A 74 D 15 B 45 A 75 E 16 C 46 A, D 76 C Jaguars live in the rain forests and more open countryside in South and Central America, and are the largest members of the cat family there. Jaguars are strong swimmers and climbers, and they often prefer to live by rivers, in swamps, and in dense forest with thick cover for stalking prey.

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