Suunto d9 dive log sheets

Some students wanted a dive log page just like the student pages while others wanted a dive log page that they could record more information about their dives. We took all their suggestions and designed and created two different dive log filler pages for our students.

Top Rated Gear: Suunto DX Titanium Bracelet Wrist Computer with USB MFR: SS019015000. Computer Configuration: Hoseless Air Integration, Computer Features: Audible Alarm, Backlit Display, Downloadable Dive Log, Integrated Digital Compass, Watch Style Suunto's SDM program often 'trims' the log by a small amount. If it feels you were at the surface, say reaching down to put on your fins, it will cut that part out. It will do the same at the end of the dive.

Where you can share information and experiences with other divers from around the world. The Suunto Dive Manager is compatible with: Mosquito. Stinger, Cobra2, Cobra, Vytec DS, Vytec, Vyper2, Vyper, Spyder, Eon Lux, Eon and the complete Solution range. If you have a Suunto D9. Suunto D6, Suunto D4, Suunto D3, you will need Oct 07, 2014 · The decompression calculations are based on the Suunto RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubble Model).The matrix display provides outstanding possibilities for post-dive analysis of the recorded information. In the memory mode the actual dive profile is graphically displayed, together with real time depth, time,...

Oct 05, 2009 · For me, its Suunto, Suunto and Suunto, unless I'm using laughing gas and then its a VR3. I travel with an air integrated D9 which is ideal. I leave a Stinger on the boat or use it in gauge if I'm tearing the arse out of my PP02 and need a dive timer as a 'get out of jail free' card. CJ totes a Stinger too.